Moving Medical Equipment Is Our Specialty

Since our founding in 1974 medical technology has advanced at a pace no one could have imagined.

Triple-E moves and stores large and delicate medical imaging scanners, monitoring equipment and medical robotics equipment.

EEE Machinery Moving, Inc.

Moving and Storage for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Imaging and Scientific Equipment

Advanced medical equipment is often very delicate. Safe and timely transportation of valuable instruments and devices requires experience, knowledge and planning.

Triple-E Machinery Moving Inc offers a high level of care and expertise, and our expert staff will coordinate your entire project from start to finish.

We package, transport and store all types of large, heavy and awkwardly shaped items. We are experts in rigging equipment in and out of sensitive environments, and difficult-to-reach areas such as basements.

With crews provided day or night, we can accommodate the tight turnaround times mandatory for medical, pharmaceutical, research and biotech customers.

Medical, technical and scientific items we specialize in moving include:

  • Monitoring Systems
  • PET Equipment
  • Medical Robotics Machinery
  • Analytical Devices
  • Radiology Room Equipment
  • C-Arms
  • CT Scanners
  • MRI Machinery
  • Oncology Equipment
  • Centrifuges
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Lab and Research Instruments

Before transport or storage we will carefully package, shrink and/or cushion wrap, crate and secure your medical or research machines and systems.

Triple-E will work with you to strategize and coordinate the entire process for minimal downtime and disruption of your operations.

We guarantee absolute professionalism and communication every step of the way when managing your project.

Triple-E will also remove, haul away, dispose of or recycle your old equipment for a true turnkey experience.

We have over 40 years of experience moving high-value scientific, diagnostic and imaging equipment.

Our reputation with pharmaceutical, research, medical imaging and diagnostic facilities is second to none. From transport of a single MRI machine to the relocation of an entire research lab, we’ve got you covered.

We provide service to:

Medical research labs
Biotech companies
Surgery centers
Group and private practices
Imaging centers
Long-term care facilities
Specialty clinics

With Triple-E, your project is customized and planned to suit your specific requirements. Every detail is considered and equipment arrives on-time, and in perfect condition.

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Life-saving medical equipment often needs to be shipped or transported to its destination very quickly, and delivered with minimal impact on facility operations.

With current knowledge of medical equipment and imaging technology, and a commitment to detail in planning every aspect of your project, we’ve got you covered.

People are counting on healthcare industries professionals, and they’re counting on us to package and move their equipment with EEE’s.