Semiconductor / Aerospace / Clean Room

Triple-E Machinery Moving, Inc. offers expertise and logistics in the specialized task of clean room relocation.

EEE Machinery Moving, Inc.

Clean Room Rigging and Relocation

Micro-fabrication equipment is quite sensitive to the elements, and our clean room riggers undergo extensive training in this area.

We are known in the aerospace and semiconductor industries for our consistency in high-quality crating, skidding and packaging of fragile parts both large and small.

Triple-E has the right equipment for clean room rigging and relocation including:

  • Air casters
  • Poly-dollies
  • Rol-A-Lift
  • Foil barrier bags
  • Floating decks
  • Vacuum packing
  • Non-static plastic and bubble wrap
  • Specialized skidding and crating — many tools require custom-built skids and crates

We understand all aspects of moving semiconductor equipment.

Even slight changes in the location of a tool can alter airflow in the facility, which can in turn affect connecting services.

Microfabrication-based manufacturing involves some of the most complex and valuable systems around.

Partial contamination is just one potential problem.

Vibration and condensation can also have a detrimental effect.

Triple-E will help with every stage of the process — from dismantling the system to installation — to minimize these potential issues.

New projects and expanding facilities are an exciting yet critical time for any company.

From delivery of a single machine tool to full plant relocations, expert project management is imperative at all stages of the transport, delivery and installation process.

Clean Room Rigging By EEE