Plant Relocation

Moving a manufacturing plant from one location to another is not a little job by any stretch of the imagination. When important, costly and often irreplaceable heavy equipment is on the line, not just any mover will do.

Clients count on our experience, expertise and our extensive services. When we take on a job as large as plant relocation, our customers will find these features make our service stand out:

  • Experienced rigging — Industrial rigging is one of Triple-E’s main specialties. We pride ourselves on being able to safely and effectively move heavy equipment into and out of some of the tightest spaces imaginable. When Triple-E takes on a rigging job we handle it with skill and professionalism.
  • Expert loading — Relocation jobs often call for a number of specialty services regarding loading. Triple-E provides crating, packaging and skidding to ensure the safe transport of our clients’ heavy machinery. Whether your transport job calls for the use of trucks or will involve overseas shipping, we have the expertise to ensure safe delivery.
  • A stellar performance record — Triple-E has been in business for over forty years. Since we opened, we have made it our business to help other companies enjoy hassle-free moving of their heavy equipment. Our team of highly skilled transportation professionals brings years of know-how and skills to every job we undertake. Through the years, we have developed a strong rapport with our clients and are thrilled to continue to meet the needs of our loyal customers along with developing new relationships.
Moving a plant is a huge job that demands attention to detail and the know-how to ensure safety. Triple-E delivers on both counts, giving our plant relocation clients the confidence that comes from dealing with experts in the field.

  • Flexible transportation options -– Triple-E is fully equipped to offer ground transportation for our plant relocation clients. We are also highly experienced in harbor work and even have agreements in place with the major steamship lines. This means our clients can access our expertise no matter where in the world their heavy machinery is relocated.
  • Around the clock service -– Triple-E knows that relocation demands not only extreme care, but also an ability to ship with expediency. To this end, we are available for day, night, weekend and even holiday work. When your company’s productivity is riding on the timely relocation of plant machinery, Triple-E will not fail to deliver the service required.
  • Our auxiliary services -– Relocation jobs do not always call for the immediate delivery of machinery. When there is a need to store the contents of a facility, Triple-E can help. We offer more than 150,000 square feet of warehouse space. Our indoor warehouses provide clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their important machines are well protected while a new location is prepared.

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