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Press Break, Heavy equipment machinery

For Heavy Equipment Moving, Logistics And Planning…

Los Angeles Calls On Triple-E.

Machinery Moving With EEE’s!

“We had a very challenging situation where we needed to get an 800lb movie screen crate to the second floor of a building with no freight elevator or windows.

The Triple-E crew devised a ramp and pulley system that would have impressed the Egyptian pyramid builders.

They pulled off one of the most unique moves we have ever witnessed, by hand! No machines, just genius thinking, determined know-how and brute strength.

The guys were right on time and got right down to business. They were absolutely great to work with and we would recommend them in an instant.

We don’t often send out emails like this. It is a very rare occurrence, but this is a special case. We were blown away. On a scale of 1 to 10, this job was an 11!”

Thank you!!!
Rob and Alicia Foxx
Foxx Sound and Video, Inc.

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We have a large fleet of vehicles and equipment to safely handle machinery moving with the absolute minimum downtime.


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Installing An Industrial Laser Cutter
When a manufacturing facility is not running at full capacity, time is of the essence. Operations need to be back to 100% as quickly as possible.

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