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A Wide Variety of Specialty Moving Services

For Heavy Equipment Moving, Logistics And Planning Los Angeles Calls On Triple-E

No freight elevator? No windows? No problem!

A ramp and pulley system to impress the Egyptian pyramid builders is the solution for this crated 800lb movie screen.

  • Heavy Equipment Moving - Movie Screen

Moving A Ship: All In A Day’s Work

The Queen Mary ocean liner sailed the seas from the 1930’s until late 1960’s. Now she’s a historic treasure, and one-of-a-kind museum and hotel in Long Beach, California.

A few years ago Triple-E Machinery Moving, Inc had the pleasure of moving the Queen Mary — a smaller version of her anyway!

We were tasked with removing this amazing yet fragile replica model from the ship, and relocating it to the nearby museum where it’s better protected, and more accessible to the public.

Model of the Queen Mary transported to museum.

Queen Mary museum model move

Office Equipment: Going Up

Have you never seen a large piece of machinery or equipment and wondered — “How did that get in here?”

Triple-E Machinery Moving, Inc met the manufacturer at the site for this project.

This unwieldy and intricate piece of office equipment needed to be hoisted from the parking lot to the second floor.

There was no doorway in the building that would accommodate the equipment, so we removed a window and lifted it in.



post updated 12/20/2016